Choose Us for Interior Remodeling Services in Cedar Rapids, & Marion, IA

Want to Make Your Home's Interior Pop?

When your home's interior grows old on you, don't make an expensive move. Look to Park Ridge Construction for advice first. We offer whole-home remodeling services in Cedar Rapids, & Marion, IA and the surrounding areas. You can customize your interior remodeling service to fit your specific needs. You'll also receive a one-year labor warranty, so you can rest assured that we'll right any wrongs.

Which room will you remodel?

When we say we offer whole-home remodeling services, what do we mean? We can update any living space in your home. For example, schedule interior remodeling services to spruce up your:

  • Kitchen - replace outdated features and inefficient appliances
  • Bathroom - turn your boring bathroom into a beautiful spa space
  • Bedroom - create a cozy bedroom atmosphere that's perfect for relaxation
  • Basement - get more use out of your space once it's turned into a living area
  • Living room - modernize your living room to make it comfortable and stylish
Whether you need single-room or whole-home remodeling services, we're the right crew for the job. Reach out to us now to take advantage of our interior remodeling services in Cedar Rapids, & Marion, IA.